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Holding Hands

Relationship Coaching

So much time and energy are spent planning a wedding it's easy to lose touch with the most important thing: you are choosing to spend the rest of your lives together. I help couples plan being married. 

Premarital coaching is a chance to look at your relationship - what's working well and what could use some fine-tuning. It's an opportunity to answer questions together about your needs, desires, values, beliefs and expectations. It's a chance to dream about what you want your life together to be. 

Like the rest of my work, my relationship coaching is not pre-packaged or a one-size-fits-all approach. With a background in both counseling and conflict resolution / mediation, I have the skills to facilitate a deep dive into areas that are the foundation of your lives together. Together, you choose the topics and exploratory questions we'll use to begin the conversation. I'll be there to listen, reflect and support you both as you appreciate your strengths and identify places where growth is needed.


In the final session, we'll focus on creating a vision of your future. The process will help clarify where you want to go and motivate you to set your course today so you can live the relationship of your dreams tomorrow.  

So, amidst all the excitement, preparations, and planning, set aside some time to get to know each other more deeply. Make some space to look at the issues that create obstacles to intimacy if they're left unexplored. Come back to the truth that underlies it all: this is the person you're choosing to spend your life with, and you want to make that life as fulfilling and full of love as it can be!

Package of three 90-minute sessions is $595, package of six is $1,095.

My husband and I did pre-marital sessions with Arissa and they were invaluable. Not only did the sessions help us discuss important issues before the big day, they also prepped us for future conversations as we further develop our relationship. We'd recommend her in a heartbeat!


- Dominique & Mike

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