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Nature Wedding Photography

A Wedding With Heart

Arissa Rench, Celebrant & Officiant 

About Arissa

The very first wedding I performed was on a beach in Mexico (I know, lucky right?) in 2009. It was one of those lightning-bolt moments where I knew I had found my true work. Since then, I have written hundreds of ceremonies and performed them everywhere from elegant downtown hotels to remote mountain tops. Each couple, each love story is unique as a fingerprint - and so is every ceremony I write. 

Endlessly curious and a deep listener, I love learning about the road that's been travelled and how it's led you to this moment. As a lifelong writer, I then bring your Love Story to life as the center of a unique ceremony you & your guests will never forget. To every event I have the privilege of being a part of, I bring calm, warmth and presence - and usually some laughs! 



Creative, original, one-of-a-kind ceremonies you & your guests will remember forever. 

Relationship Coaching

Skilled, insightful, compassionate facilitation to support you in strengthening and deepening your relationship. 

Writing & Consulting 

Experienced, flexible guidance and coaching & compelling storytelling for couples using a non-professional officiant. 



Arissa curated a wedding story and ceremony that went BEYOND our wildest dreams. Arissa is THE officiant to hire if you want the personable and intimate ceremony that will leave people in tears. 
- Bret & Ian
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