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Arissa was beyond amazing, from our first

meeting all the way to signing our marriage

certificate. Meeting and communicating with

Arissa was so organic. She is supportive, a great listener and provides great advice.

The way she organizes ceremonies is an art.

She takes your answers to questions and turns them

into a beautiful story that you will never forget (make sure there are enough tissues!). After the wedding I had multiple people come up to me and compliment her work - they said it was the best ceremony they had been to.

I am so thankful she was a part of our day,

she made a memorable ceremony that makes

me smile every time I think about it.

We highly recommend her!

- Ciara & Tom

We are truly blessed to have found

such a wonderful celebrant for our wedding -

our friends and family still comment about

what a great job Arissa did with our ceremony!

We first met Arissa just a month prior to our

wedding and she made time to visit us

at our home even though she was leaving

for a trip the next day.

Arissa is truly a wonderful listener -

she wanted to hear all about our relationship

and how we fell in love, and she translated

that story into a beautiful ceremony.

She is a calming presence who was willing to

make our ceremony very personal, intimate, and heartwarming - everything that a wedding ceremony should be.

Arissa is the ideal celebrant and made

everything so easy for us. We highly recommend

her and have already shared her information with

a few friends who want her to marry them, too!

-Karalee & Matt

Thank you again for working with us to

make our day special. All of the guests

that we spoke with after the ceremony

said that it was excellent and that it felt

very customized to Theresa and I. We

wholeheartedly agree and extend a huge

thank you for facilitating that process

and doing an excellent job, especially with

the personalized piece. We really could not

imagine a better ceremony! We were told

over and over by people that the vows were

the best they had ever heard and we thank

you for working so closely with us on them.

You are truly top-notch!!!

-Bryan & Theresa

Thank you so much for doing an absolutely

perfect ceremony. We were kind of frazzled and running around and you helped us get centered

and focused on the moment. Your kindness

really does shine through on your face -

I'm so glad I followed my gut feeling!!

Thank you again for making our day amazing!!

-Kirsten & Carrie

I can't tell you how much we LOVED the

wedding ceremony yesterday. Your

address was absolutely wonderful -

we read it again from the book you

gave us right before we went to bed,

and were once again amazed at how

perfectly it suited us. I really think

we could not have found a better person

to officiate the ceremony, and I count it

as one of the very best decisions we made

in the entire planning process. After we

returned to the wedding from our time

with the photographer SO many of our

guests approached us to ask where we

had found you, and commented on how

much they loved the ceremony and the

way you led us all through it.

Thank you for everything!

-Lisa & Josh

Arissa was absolutely a wonderful choice for

our wedding. I forgot about an officiant until less

than two months before the wedding, and Arissa

was very accommodating with regards to flexible,

timely meetings while we were deciding who to pick.

Weeks before the wedding, my mom passed away, and she then made it very easy for me to reach out

to her by phone and email with the information she needed to build our ceremony so that I could

be with my family.

She was also a huge help with the rehearsal, and made sure we had plenty of information and options

to make the ceremony truly our own.

The ceremony itself was perfect. She tailored it specifically to us, and told our story beautifully. She even reached out to me and arranged to include a dedication to my mom, knowing that this was simultaneously the worst and best time

of my life.

She also gave us the book which contains the

entire script of the ceremony, including our own

written vows. This is particularly meaningful

to me as I had completely forgotten to ask anyone

to take video. As this is still a very difficult time, this book has become a go-to for me when I need to remember something happy. I will always be grateful for that gift.

I can't recommend her enough. Our wedding

was truly a representation of my husband and I

because of her work.

- Barbara & Jory

Todd and I want to thank you for making our

wedding a truly memorable and special one.

Your story-telling was beautiful and warm.

Your tone was relaxing and grounding.

The ring-warming session helped create a very intimate space where guests could express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings. Todd and I are extremely grateful to you.

-Todd & Santiago

I just wanted to write to say thank you one

more time. Mike and I had a perfect wedding

day and you were a big part of that! We are so

happy that we met you and that you were available

to perform our ceremony--it was unforgettable!

Thank you so much for all your hard work

for us... you are the best!

All of our guests had nothing but good things to say about you :)

Thank you again!!!

-Karyn & Mike

Chris and I are back from our honeymoon and we

just wanted to say thanks again for officiating such

a wonderful, heartfelt and intimate ceremony.

Many of our guests have commented since then

that it was one of the best weddings they had

ever been to. The ring warming was phenomenal

and really brought everyone together in a wonderful way. Also, your sweet words about my grandmother who had just passed paid special honor to her and

meant a lot to everyone in my family.

You really made this wedding all about the ceremony and we are so grateful. Thanks for great memories that we will always cherish!

-Liz & Chris

Thank you for making our ceremony so magical. You set the tone for the whole evening and it was so personalized and special. Our guests were so impressed by you and your work, as were Greg & I. Maybe one day you can renew our vows! Thank you so much!

-Tasha & Greg

We are so happy and proud of us for choosing you for our special day. We liked your style and approach from the very first meeting, and as soon as we left we were sure we wanted you as our officiant. The job you did was special as we expected: the phone calls we had, including the two were you talked separately with each one of us, were amazing; the material you provided and the assistance in putting together the ceremony were invaluable. Also, the rehearsal was awesome. We were so nervous that your support was just what we needed.

And about the ceremony… well… just one thing that I believe describes everything: my parents from Italy, not able to understand a single word of English, were so impressed by your personality, your calm and your elegance… and not just them, but all of our guests! Thank you!

-Massimiliano & Caroline

We want to thank you so much for officiating our wedding in such a beautiful and touching way. The beauty of your words not only created a unique moment for us but also made a lasting memory for our guests. We are so happy to have met you!

-Tien & Chip

We both thought you performed the ceremony flawlessly! Your presence and presentation was fantastic. We especially love how much you you got to know us as a couple and 'our story.' We were both so touched by how well you listened to both of us and then communicated that at the ceremony.

-Victoria & Dustin

Bryan and I can't thank you enough for being our officiant! The readings and careful thought that you put into the ceremony truly showed and fit perfectly with what Bryan and I wanted. We appreciated how you kept some of the ceremony a secret for Bryan and I to hear for the first time up under the arbor. I also love the book that you gave us with the whole ceremony inside of it- Bryan and I have decided that on every anniversary, we are going to write in it about what we did to celebrate another year of marriage.

-Jessica & Bryan

Finding an officiant for our wedding was an important decision. We wanted someone who was willing to get to know us, who would understand our unique ideas, and who would create a ceremony that was truly ours. Arissa was all that we could have wished for and more. Our family and friends were so impressed by the personal touches in our ceremony that many asked if we had known Arissa long before the wedding. Every detail, from remembering our dog's name to the keepsake book with our ceremony words was extremely appreciated. However, I think my favorite part about working with Arissa was her calming and peaceful personality. She has a gift for slowing down the moment and helping you appreciate the beauty of your wedding ceremony. Thank you again!

-Jennifer & John

Arissa has an incredible ability to create sacred spaces. She helped us to have an intimate and spiritual ceremony that incorporated both of our families' different religious backgrounds, while staying true to our own beliefs. She guided us through writing deeply personal and meaningful vows, which was very important to us both. We would not have been able to have as positive, meaningful, and relaxing of a wedding experience without her.

-Ayva & Scott

In reminiscing about our marvelous Sunday, we could not have ever dreamed that our wedding would turn out as perfectly as it did. We know that your ability played an important part in our poetic celebration.

The keepsake book of our vows is incredibly beautiful. Your words were so meaningful and we will cherish reading them for a long time. We so appreciate all your kindness and thoughtfulness!

-Mary & Gerry

After the first meeting with Arissa, we immediately realized what an absolutely great person she would be to guide us through this wonderful day we had planned for years! The first thing we noticed about her is that she is a great listener. She spent the time to get to know us and had a genuine interest in our interests, our loves, our desires and just our life in general as it pertained to each other.This would prove to be very important later on in our ceremony.

As we drew closer to the big day, Arissa was always supportive and caring, always making sure we were in a good space. With all of the stresses, checklists and general unknowns that come with getting married, Arissa was a constant sure thing we could rely on and feel confident in.

The ceremony that Arissa prepared for us was absolutely beautiful. She wove together personal details from both of our lives to create a story that was both unique and wonderful and most importantly, fun to listen to! To have someone be able to deliver a message like that on such a special day meant so much to us. We lost track of the amount of people that complimented us on the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it. The most common comment was that is was so personal and “so you!” That is exactly what we wanted – something that was unique to us and our lives and we literally could not have asked for more.

Thank you Arissa for getting to know us and understanding who we were and what was important in our lives. When most wedding ceremonies consist of just a ‘can't wait for the reception type of attitude’, you delivered something that was wonderful through and through. Most people look back on their weddings and the highlight is the reception, dancing or speeches. We will forever look back on our wedding and remember the very special ceremony that meant so much to us.

-Jon & Lauren

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