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Arissa is honored to work with couples and families throughout life's cycles. She also officiates the following ceremonies - 

Baby Blessing

Welcome your little one into your circle of family and friends with a Baby Blessing. A delightful alternative to a church baptism, this gathering can take place in your home or any place you choose. Whether you want to incorporate traditional elements or come up with a ritual all of your own, Arissa will help you honor your little one in a way that's as unique as your family. 

"Thank you for such a lovely ceremony for Max! We will remember it as a very special day in our lives, always. Also, thank you for the keepsake book. It's beautiful, already filled with your beautiful words - we hope to fill it with more!"

-Wyatt B. & family

Healing Divorce & Separation Ceremony

A wedding is a powerful ritual to commemorate a couple's decision to commit to one another. But what happens when for one reason or another, they decide to end the marriage? Aside from signing legal documents, there is often nothing to mark the transition from married back to single. In the absence of ritual, many people may feel adrift or that there is something missing during this time. 

A Healing Divorce or Separation Ceremony helps to honor what was shared while allowing the couple to part in a peaceful and conscious way. Especially helpful for couples who will be continuing a relationship as co-parents, though valuable for any couple seeking a meaningful and respectful goodbye. 

Memorials and Funerals

Information about these ceremonies can be found here -

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