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Gifted in creating sacred space & container for ceremony

Ours was not a typical wedding-it started with quite a long, strenuous hike (wedding clothes in the packs on our back) up to an alpine lake, and more hiking to find the right place to do the ceremony- just us, our officiant, and our photographer. Arissa did exactly what we needed her to do- she was SO grounding. She did a blessing at the trailhead for all of us and continued to hold that ceremonial space for us as we hiked, and then re-energized it again for our ceremony. Her ability to do this was so important because in the midst of travel, wedding, and pandemic stress, I don't think we could've done that for ourselves. I wanted an officiant who knew what sacred space was, who knew how to hold it and create it. Arissa was that officiant, and we are so delighted with our luck in having found her- on the internet, in IL with her in WA, with only a few phone conversations and many emails to get to know her no less!! Arissa is just a cool person too... picking up feathers on the trail, attuned to her surroundings... :) 

We are blessed to know her!

- Claire & Davin

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